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“There are so many different dimensions to this game in terms of discovery and the possibilities are endless! I think this game is brilliant. It’s so much fun, and kids are going to love all the characters and craziness! Some of the very silly effects you can create will keep them amused for hours."



“The boys absolutely loved creating their Bin Weevil Arty Arcade designs, with so much to choose from and endless design ideas, Bin Weevil is the perfect choice for creative minds.”


Available NOW! for PC and MAC!

    Paint and make your own fun and exciting designs with Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE! Have fun and experiment with a vast array of amazing brushes and effects, incorporate your own photos into your designs. Paint with Squirrel tails and elephant trunks! Put your friends and family in the washing machine! Spin your world around with the desk fan or even take a trip through a starfield! Collect a humungous assortment of imagery and tools to not only invent amazing, vibrant designs, but to turn it into an incredible selection of printable gifts such as masks, tattoos, t-shirt transfers, and much much more, and really let their ideas run wild across the page. Use photos of friends and family to send a card on a special occasion, custom designed alongside your favourite Bin Weevils characters!

  • Explore the Bin Weevils universe along with your favourite characters!

  • Invent amazing imagery using hundreds of backgrounds, characters, nest items and more!

  • Turn your own images into awesome printable gifts including t-shirt transfers, masks, greetings cards, tattoos and much much more!

  • Experiment with incredible brushes! Paint with elephant trunks, balloon animals, and gunge amongst many more!

  • Mix your own amazing colours in Lab’s Lab using the musical paint jars!

  • Create amazing images with insane effects! Put your favourite characters into the washing machine or create bedlam with the desk fan and TV feedback effects!

  • PC Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or above operating system
    512mb Ram
    CD-ROM Drive
    1024x768 or Higher screen resolution
    700 MB of uncompressed hard drive space.

    MAC Requirements: OS 10.6 or above operating system
    1GB RAM
    DVD-ROM drive
    1024x768 or higher screen resolution
    700 MB of uncompressed hard drive space.

    Please note, ARTY ARCADE is not designed to run on networked systems.
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