The Selfie Ball

The amazing selfie lets you the player, put your face in the game. It doesnt have to be your face too, why not try your pet cat or dog for some extra fun!

Key Features

  • Use your camera to upload yourself to the ball
  • Buy or unlock some extra selfie goodness with the selfie packs
  • Theres a range of items to suit everyone, from animal hats to fancy dress, you really have to see for yourself!

The Heros and Villains Selfie Pack

Black Wing

Evil Mask

Fox Hero

Ninja Hero

Red Eyes

Purple Mask

Demon Gladiator

Sky God

The Witches and Wizards Selfie Pack

Witch Hat 1

Witch Hat 2

Witch Hat 3

Witch Hat 4

Wizard Hat 1

Wizard Hat 2

Wizard Hat 3

Wizard Hat 4

The Steam Punk Selfie Pack

Steam Punk Goggles 1

Steam Punk Goggles 2

Steampunk Hat 1

Steampunk Hat 2

Steampunk Hat 3

Steampunk Hat 4

Steampunk Hat 5

Steampunk Hat 6

The Glasses and Headgear Selfie Pack

Curved Shades

Cyborg Mask

Groucho Glasses


Heart Glasses

Ski Goggles

Skilly Antennae

Star Glasses

The Horror Selfie Pack


Devil Horns

Eyeball Glasses

Gas Mask



Pumpkin Hat

Scary Hat

The Historic Selfie Pack

Cavalier Hat



Jester Hat

Knight Helmet

Pharaoh Hat

Pumpkin Hat

TopHat Monocle

Cosplay Selfie Items Pack


Blue Police Hat

Bobby Hat


Jester Hat

Fireman Hat

Pharaoh Hat

Pith Hat

The Builder Helmet

The Animal Selfie Pack

Chicken Hat

Dog Hat

Kitty Hat

Panda Hat

Penguin Hat

Piggy Hat

Rabbit Ears

Sharky Hat

The Fun Selfie Pack

Baseball Cap

Beanie Hat

Drinks Hat


Gangster Hat

Leprechaun Hat

Propeller Hat