Devoted to Victory

Win your first tournement

The journey begins

Pick your club

This is what legends are made of

Fight in your first fixture

We got your back buddy

Make a sponsorship deal

Not my fault

Lose a fixture

Got to hire them all

Hired you first fighter

Go big or go home

Upgrade your facility to the maximum

Big gym, little gym

Downgrade your facility

Gone power mad

Used the editor for the first time

Why wont he stop

Win 100 fixtures

Your on a roll

Won 20 fixtures

Welcome to casual gaming

Win 10 fixtures

On the rise

Win 5 fixtures

The good, the bad, then theres you

Won fighter of the year award

Pillar of awesomeness

Won your first trophy

I need a new trophy cabinet

Won 25 trophys


You got fired

Great things will happen here

Stayed with your club for your full contract length

Terminate Contract

You left to another club

Beyond your limits

Extend your contract

Upset the Board

Failed a board expectation

Keeping up appearances

Finish the season with above 50% reputation

Student becomes the master

Trained a fighter to their full potential

Been around the block

Managed 10 different clubs in your career

Something in the water?

Have 5 fighters injured

Glorious victory

Win every fight of a fixture

Back to the drawing board

Lose every fight of a fixture

Building from the back

Hired a 5 star member of staff

Don’t get cocky kid!

Promoted a junior to the academy

Planning ahead

Recruited a junior with potential of 90+

Tick, tick and tick

Meet the directors expectations

Squeaky clean record

A fighter has won 5 fights in a row

Twos a crowd

Drawn a fixture

Working away

Manage a club that is from a nation different to your nationality

Don’t goooo!

Renewed a fighters contract

Good vibes in camp

Have an average club morale of 80+